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Vernissage and performance: April 20th, 2018



“I am here… photo studio…. beoming famous ... Hollywood ... I'll tell you right away. ”Hüseyin Kaya is on the phone with his buddy while he's in his kiosk. Then he hangs up and offers us a coffee. We experienced this and much more on our tour looking for kiosk owners who tell us about themselves, about their everyday life and their lives. Once across the Ruhr area. We have been listening and taking pictures, collecting stories and sounds. Photos, performance and an interactive sound installation await you.


Photography and video: Nina Gschlößl

Sound installation: Yotam Schlezinger

Performance: Pia Wagner / Omar Guadarrama

Graphics: Lucia Tollens

Concept and text: Simina German


Funded by: The City of Bochum and the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, co-production: Atelier automatique

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