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Premiere: May 18, 2017

"Intimacy", piece development


A bang. In the middle of the city. People are fleeing. A man is running. He stops. He asks for a glass of water - otherwise he says nothing. A family asks the man to come to their apartment. The man is an assassin. The story of a murderer who is so overwhelmed by the act of violence that he merges with the scattering crowd and becomes the victim of his own attack. And the story of a family that only recognizes a needy victim in the fleeing, but would never suspect a needy perpetrator. A story based on a true story. A moment of closeness between people in an extreme situation. A possible history of violence as a protagonist of its own story; Violence as its own narrator.

In “Intimacy”, these stories are scrutinized and provide an opportunity to deal with the issues of humanity and violence in a physical and experimental way. A meditation on the moment of destruction, on arbitrariness, compassion and helpfulness. INTIMACY


With: Sven Gey, Yotam Schlezinger, Pia Alena Wagner, Johanna Wieking

Artistic direction: Simina German

Text / dramaturgy: Akin E. Şipal

Sound / music: Yotam Schlezinger

Stage / Costume: Anne Manss

Funded by: The cultural office of the city of Essen, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the NRW State Office for the Free Performing Arts, co-production: Maschinenhaus Essen

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