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Premiere: April 17th, 2015

Maschinenhaus Essen

"Blue beard", piece development awarded the Petra Meurer Prize 2016


Bluebeard lives in a castle, he is lonely, he kills his women and hides their corpses in a chamber of his castle. The women are not allowed to enter this chamber and if they do, one after the other dies. Bluebeard or “Fitcher's Bird” by the Brothers Grimm are fairy tales that tell about the relationship between man and woman, about the fascination for the secret and the forbidden, also about the closeness of eros, power and death. In a joint process of association, the author Akin E. Şipal and the director Simina German deal with this “Bluebeard” myth together with the actresses Amanda da Glória, Lisa Balzer, Pia Wagner and the musician Yotam Schlezinger. However, it is not about a dramatization of the fairy tale, but about a physical, experimental and collage-like approach to its motifs: What do the sensual, brutal images of these fairy tales trigger in us? What fascination dothey have for us up to this day?


With: Lisa Balzer, Amanda da Glória, Yotam Schlezinger, Pia Alena Wagner

Artistic direction / direction: Simina German

Text / dramaturgy: Akin E. Şipal

Music: Yotam Schlezinger

Stage / Costume: Anne Manss




Funded by: The Culture Office of the City of Essen and the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Coproduction: Maschinenhaus Essen

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