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Premiere: November 23rd, 2018

"Aura", piece development


History is rich in art assassinations, both by individual perpetrators and in a larger political or religious context. While art assassinations by mentally confused individual perpetrators can have a variety of motives, the destruction of art in a political context is primarily about the expression of power. Starting from this thematic context, stellablau developed a piece that primarily revolves around the destruction of art and its diverse motifs. The central questions are: What kind of power does art have? Why is the anger or the will of the perpetrators to destroy directed against something that cannot defend itself, that is basically not a living being, but was created by humans? And what is their attack directed against? Against the artist, against what the work of art represents or against the people who admire this work? Ultimately, »Aura« is about the essence of art and its effect, what it triggers in us and what it can represent.


With: Sophie Killer, Pia Wagner, Yotam Schlezinger

Sound: Yotam Schlezinger
Text: Akin Emanuel Şipal
Art installation: Sebastian Bartel
Stage / Costume: Anne Manss
Light: Simon Knöß
Direction / concept: Simina German

Funded by:
The Allbau Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia as part of the Individual Artist Promotion (IKF), a project by ecce GmbH, and the district government of Düsseldorf

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